Are you currently operating an seo agency or working as a seo freelancer? What type of clients are you working on? If you are intending to provide low budget seo services, then you need to cater different expectation for them.

Clients with low budget have very different expectation, constraint and resources versus one with more budget. I have work with many low budget seo clients when I started out and would like to share 8 methods to work and get your clients operating in this budget range.

Offer the minimum services that will guarantee an impact on their traffic ASAP

This tip is shared by John Awesome USA SEO

There is a lot of vanity services everywhere and this include search engine optimization services. Everyone wants to look good and that’s why such services exist.

Such services are brand management or content marketing.

Since we are operating in the world of seo budgeting, you cannot afford them. You should not even mention such services to your client as they may expect to see them. Such services are costly and not affordable for your client.

Don’t spend too much time on the details and get them results

There are a lot of seo techniques that will move the needle. Some are very lengthy and some are fast. They all cost differently. Whatever it is, in our world of budget seo, we want fast and cheap. While we like to optimize every aspect of a page or the entire site, we have to limit our work time.

Two of the cheapest optimization techniques are On Page SEO and Technical SEO. They cost less resources as you can work on them without any 3rd party expenses.

Offering services that can scale easily and not cost too much on yours and their side

This tip is shared by Matic Awesome SEO.

Some seo services will take too much time no matter how you structure it.

Services like outreaching and guest posting take a lot of time and resources ($$$) to get. The better the blogs, the more money they are going to ask. That is natural for anyone with valuable property.

This is not a service you can achieve with a low budget. You are not going to get anything worth of value for your client that will improve their results in the quickest time.

It is more worthwhile to offer services like technical seo audit and backlinks services where you outsource them for cheap and scale up if necessary.

Work with small sites

This tip is shared by Sandy Awesome Singapore SEO

Big sites take more time and small sites take less time. It is that simple. No matter how clearly you lay out your services, a customer who engage your seo services will depend largely on you to every aspect of their site.

They are not going to hire two different seo consultant or company to work on different pages.

You will also find it hard to reject their request.

Therefore, it is better to stick to working on site with less than 10-12 pages. That will take up less of your time while you work to upgrade the packages with your new clients as they grow their traffic and business.

They grow and you grow.

Focus on GMB optimization to get results fast

You should know that organic seo takes a lot of time. It will be a while before your customer can see their traffic coming in. Since they are operating within a low budget, they need the traffic quick enough for sales to sustain or grow their business.

It is your benefit to get them traffic asap as that will translate to more profits and possibly a upgrade on your current seo package.

You should work on GMB rankings first in this case. The local ranking changes faster than organic ranking and thus your customer will get prospects earlier to work on.

Work with link vendor to control the budget

Try a link vendor who is expert in carrying seo services at a low cost. These are usually companies that outsource their services to 3rd party country. They have the system, experiences and labour so you want to take advantage of that.

Since their costs are already laid out clearly, you will be able to budget everything and stick within that constraint. There shouldn’t be unexpected costs that appear from nowhere.

Control costs for both side.

For budget seo, it is about all cost management. You try to get the best results for the lowest cost. Time is an important ingredient towards expenses so we want to get results as fast as possible within the budget.

We will be managing

You have to be precise in your work schedule and time commitment. Leave out all the vanity work. Do only stuff that can drive traffic in the earlier phase.

12 month SEO contract

This is how every services out there work. If you want a lower amount, then you pay for longer term. Its fair for both side.

Plus in the organic seo world, the results take time. You don’t want the services to end abruptly without results. This is bad for your client and you. Your client would not leave you a good review or impression. You miss the chance to upgrade their services, get referrals and more good reviews.

So binding them to a longer term at a lower cost will ensure better results for both party.


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    Nice article…Got a few budget seo clients but they are my friends and family. Things may get complicated for new clients from adjusting expectation.

  2. Ken says:

    Right…I agree with you most of the points of managing low budget seo clients…

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